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Since 1990, RZ International has been providing new and expanding businesses with assistance in analysis feasibility assessments, strategic planning and preparation of business plans and presentations.

Analysis and Feasibility Assessment

The first and most important step in establishing a profitable business is a thorough analysis and feasibility assessment of the business model, the micro and macro economic environments and the competitive environment within which it will operate. Most business failures occur due to perfectly foreseeable circumstances that could have been avoided. A complete and objective analysis is critical to prevent costly mistakes and business failures.

While the future can never be fully predicted, it can be estimated with a certain degree of confidence. We help businesses analyze their business environment and conduct a thorough assessment to determine the feasibility and profitability of expansion or a new venture.

Strategic planning

A strategic plan for establishing and implementing a business venture is just as critical to long term success. Insufficient planning is the second most common cause of business failures. Without a proper plan, a business venture will fail to achieve its full potential and produce much reduced profits due to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

We help businesses establish a strategic plan that optimizes operating efficiency and profitability and safeguards the business against foreseeable pitfalls.  

Business Plans

A thorough professional business plan is critical for securing external funding and support for a business venture as well as internal operations. No legitimate investor or lender will consider funding a business that does not have a professional business plan, which explains all aspects of the business and the environment in which it will operate. A business plan also serves as a blue print for operations and a guide for developing operating procedures. The process of developing a business plan also insures that all aspects of the business and its operating environment are properly assessed.

We help businesses develop professional business plans that ensure  proper analysis and definition of the venture as well as help in the presentation of the business to necessary financing sources and potential partners.